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Blending together Pilates & Yoga, BaseSix Fitness helps you enhance your life by improving your movement for optimal health & fitness.

Working within each individual’s abilities, we focus on improving core strength (including pelvic floor), balance, flexibility, stability, mind-body connection & awareness. We work through a huge range of movements, with workouts tailored to take into consideration individual strengths & weaknesses so that everyone benefits.

Using a workout method that involves moving through slow, precise, strength exercises with breath control, you are encouraged to incorporate your breath into each movement. As you move through the poses you will learn to synchronise your breath & movements gaining optimal flexibility & improved core strength. The level of intensity for each move is your choice.

BaseSix Fitness classes are low impact, gentle yet highly effective workouts incorporating Yoga stretching to enhance flexibility & improve your natural movement. Pilates works to build the all-important core strength through conditioning exercises & correct breathing techniques.

Get back to basics & wake your body up with the renowned benefits of Pilates, with the help & expertise of BaseSix Fitness.

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How You Can Join BaseSix Fitness Classes

Choose from over 350 videos in our Video Library & do them whenever suits you.

All you need is an internet connection & computer / smartphone.

  • Any time, any place, you choose.
  • Anyone in your household is welcome to join us at no extra charge. That includes partners, children & even your rambunctious dog!

Find out more or join here

Join me from the comfort of your own home & partake in our easy-to-follow live online sessions. 

Access to over 350 videos in our Video Library included

All you need is an internet connection & computer / smartphone.

  • Live 30min Online Zoom Sessions
    Mon, Wed & Fri 
  • Anyone in your household is welcome to join us at no extra charge.

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Private Sessions are now available Online & in person. 

Workout from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Initial 60 minute consultation - $60
  • 40min Individual Session - $50
  • 60min Individual Session - $70
  • Pair & private group sessions available on request
  • Travel fee (depending on location)

Contact me for more information & bookings


Pukekohe Classes

$20 per class

Pilates, Core Strength & Conditioning classes in Pukekohe.

  • Bledisloe Park Sports Centre Pukekohe
  • Mon 9am & Wed 9am (60 mins)
  • Thurs 5:30pm (45 mins)
  • Bring a mat (or a large towel)
  • Concession cards available

Book your spot today 0212569962

*NEW* Pokeno Class

$20 per class

Pilates classes in Pokeno.

  • Pokeno Tennis & Recreation Hub, 1 Avon Rd, Pokeno
  • Mon 5:15pm (45 mins)
  • Bring a mat (or a large towel)
  • Concession cards available

Book your spot today 0212569962

Client Feedback

Eight years ago, I began my fitness journey with Maria, seeking to improve my core strength, balance, and overall health. Little did I know the impact it would have. Under Maria's guidance, I've retained my core strength, improved balance. Pilates has not only kept me fit but also enhanced my mental well-being, leaving me energized and resilient in everyday life. Happy birthday BaseSix Fitness . Thanks so much Maria.

Linda J

I started regular Pilates/Yoga with Maria from BaseSix Fitness in October 2019 and it has been one of the best experiences for my mind-body. I’ve done yoga off and on for over 20 years with many groups and I have found Maria to be a skilled teacher and communicator. She can adapt to her class that include beginners to experienced, all ages and body types. She gives very clear and precise instructions with each exercise which helps me to focus on the important principles to get full benefits. Taking this time to get the principles right is important to me to achieve a fulfilled workout. The benefits have been fantastic for my strength, flexibility and posture, regular routines 2-4 times a week have become part of my lifestyle again and I’m very grateful. 5 stars Maria Basevi at BaseSix Fitness.

Dr Dean Carter

Fantastic class, love the combination of Yoga & Pilates. Thanks Maria, feeling great after your class. See you next week.

Sandra C

If you want something different BaseSix Fitness is the way to go. Maria is a fantastic instructor & her classes are great! I am so pleased I have found her.

Denise Y

I have been attending classes with Maria for 6 months consistently. I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength, tone and flexibility. I find the classes really manageable (as I am not very flexible!) and a good, overall workout. As a Dressage rider, there has been definite improvement in my riding since doing these classes especially in core strength and awareness of using the correct core muscles. Would highly recommend anyone to join Maria's classes. If I can do it- you definitely can!! :)

Chanelle R

Maria has a brilliant way of making you work hard, but without stress! She explains everything so clearly and always has options for injuries or disability. I have gained so much from her classes, I recommend her to anyone no matter their age, fitness level or physical ability.

Karen C

I’ve been doing pilates/ yoga for several years but only just under a year with Maria & she is by far the best. Each move she gives you options to go push yourself harder or ease off a little, so her classes are for every level. I like that she moves around the class to ensure everyone is doing it correctly and discreetly whispers to you to help correct your position, you don’t get that in the big classes with someone on stage. Can hardly wait until lock down is over.

Karen M

Maria is a friendly, knowledgeable instructor and skilled in the delivery of her classes. She is consistently able to meet a range of capabilities, offering different options which she demonstrates and explains clearly. Maria always makes sure she is very respectful when suggesting correction of individual body postures and movements allowing for safe practise and progression comfortably. My own body has noticeably been strengthened, posture corrected and adjusted and also my overall flexibility has improved greatly.

Bronwyn C

We are loving the Yoga/Pilates classes run by BaseSix Fitness! Maria delivers a range of brilliant practical exercises that are a great way to start the day and provide a welcome relief from the stresses of business! Her calm and clear instructions just make the whole session enjoyable!

Simon L & Lynda M

Meet Maria - BaseSix Fitness

Maria Basevi is the owner & head instructor of BaseSix Fitness. With over eight years of experience in the health & fitness industry, Maria is passionate about inspiring people to experience & understand the benefits of having a strong core & stable body.

“Lower back pain due to a weak core, made worse by pregnancy, led to me to discover the benefits of Pilates firsthand. With simple everyday activities proving to be a challenge during this time, I decided to take control with swimming & walking. I soon found that the combination of different sports activities paired with Pilates built up my core strength & conditioned my body without causing strain or injury. And BaseSix Fitness was born.”

Maria is highly skilled in designing classes & private lessons catering for all. From beginner's to elite athletes & everyone in between, Maria’s classes are suitable for all stages of life & fitness levels.

The focus is on building core strength & flexibility by teaching you how to tailor each move to your ability. Whether you are at the beginners level of fitness or at the top of your game, Maria can guide you through exercises best suited for you & your body.

Age is not an issue when it comes to BaseSix Fitness & the benefits are undeniable no matter your age & stage in life.

maria basevi yoga instructor

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